Azken Albisteak

ARTI project: art for learning

Why art in our Colegio Trueba

Art runs in parallel with human development throughout the course of History. From the very first years of life, children naturally play, sing, dance, draw and paint. These activities are essential for their sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional development. With these they learn and relate to the world.

Numerous scientific studies show that the brain only learns when there is emotion and art is a powerful way to achieve this. For this reason, at Colegio Trueba we have designed the ARTI project, so that all students can be like a seed that grows and, from the first years of infant education (1-2 years) to the second year of Baccalaureate (17-18 years), they can be involved in activities designed to foster their creativity, in all subjects and adapted to each educational stage.

What is the ARTI project and what is its focus?

During the 2017/18 academic year our students will follow the global ARTI, ARTXANDAKO TRUEBA  ART IKASTETXEA project which focuses on the learning of historical, linguistic, mathematical and scientific knowledge through art, while developing skills and abilities such as critical thinking and collaborative work.

The creation of a culture of critical thinking through observation,

reflection and the exchange of ideas is among the objectives of the ARTI project. These three elements have always been essential to personal development. Currently, in schools in Finland, a country at the forefront of education, they are focusing on art as a key to developing creativity and collaborative work, which are seen as essential for the 4.0 society that is approaching.

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